In this section I will be sharing some gyan that I have about this beautiful ERP package called PeopleSoft.

For all those who are new to ERP and do not know what it is, ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Its a packaged application that lets you manage your business/organization in a much more organized manner. Unlike a custom application where one needs to start from scratch a packaged application can be used right out of the box (well almost) with some configuration changes.

A packaged application allows some level of customization and PeopleSoft is no exception. I have even heard my clients and many other folks in the ERP business saying quite openly that PeopleSoft is the easiest and fastest ERP which can be customized and that's what makes it a hot ERP.

Enough talk. I will be splitting this topic into multiple categories so watch out for updates. If any of you would like to request for some topics do let me know so that I can add that as well...that is provided I know enough about the topis to write about it.