I had always wondered how does PeopleSoft store projects created through the application designer.

Here I was with an interesting problem. So how did I go about finding out which are the tables where PeopleSoft stores all its projects?

Well, in my current assignment almost all computers have a local instance of PeopleSoft Vanilla installed. This vanilla instance runs on an SQL Server Database. SQL Server...yuppie good news for me. Why you might ask?

SQL Server has its own profiler tool which can be used to watch all database level accesses that happen in real-time.

So here's what I did to find out which tables are populated when one saves a project or accesses a project using the application designer.

I started the profiler. Opened the application designer. Opened an existing project and bang I got my answers straight away.

The tables which are of interest to us are:-




So what do each of these tables store.

PSPROJECTDEFN - seems to store the project name and description of the project.

PSPROJECTITEM - seems to store the individual objects in the project.

PSPROJECTMSG - seems to store a short description of the very same objects which are present in the previous table.

In my next post I will highlight some of the object types that I managed to reverse Engineer from various sources including the net and by joining the tables PSPROJECTITEM and PSPROJECTMSG.

Till then hold on to your horses.