More often than not I had situations where I needed to literally step through the application engine looking at the sections and steps that got executed under different conditions just to confirm if the logic applied to build the Application Engine (AE) was right or wrong.

So here are the steps and parameters I use to do just.

First, you need to set PSAE.exe which actually initiates your AE in your environment variables. I am assuming you are using Windows XP.

How would you set the path to point to the folder which houses PSAE?

1. Right Click on My Computer on your desktop and then click on Properties.

2. Click on the Advanced tab.

3. Click on Environment Variables.

4. Under System Variables look for Path.

5. Double Click that entry and append (I said append not overwrite) the folder path which has PSAE. On my system I had the executable under " C:\PT8.46\bin\client\winx86 ".

Now that you have everything setup to debug your application engine open the command prompt.

Type psae and press enter. If you get a message like : Invalid command line argument list. Usage: psae -CT <dbtype> -CS <server> -CD <database name> -CO <oprid> -CP <oprpswd> -R <run control id> -AI <program id> -I <process instance> -DEBUG <Y|N> -DR <Y|N> -TRACE <value> -DBFLAGS <value> -TOOLSTRACESQL <value> -TOOLSTRACEPC <value> -OT <output type> -OF <output format> -FP <file path> or psae <parmfile> -(RE)CONVERT <product>.<appl id> (e.g. AE.TESTAPPL)

Congratulations you have just finished the first hurdle.

If you notice the error you get on the screen is quite intuitive.

Of all the options mentioned -CT, -CD, -CO, -CP, -R, and -AI are mandatory to get your application engine working.

Note: The order of these parameters is immaterial.

If you are trying to restart an application which had abended for some reason by supplying the correct UserID, pwd, run control id and process instance you can rerun the application engine.

If you want to step through each and every step that the AE would execute in real-time just plug in the -Debug option.

Once you are in the Debug mode and have initiated your application engine to know what choices you have just type '?' for help.

Hope this helps.